“Dude … you always get to work on the coolest stuff!”

What a complement from another programmer / business associate. And I do have fun working on all kinds of cool projects.

Welcome to Green Country Technical Services, LLC.

We are a family owned business located in Eastern Oklahoma which is affectionately called “Green Country”.  Our combined talents give us the opportunity to offer a very unique blend of services from embedded programming to photography to music production. We are very customer centric and our only advertisement comes by word of mouth from our clients.

The LLC was legally formed as a partnership between Jeff, Laurie Ann and Daniel Powell in October of 2008 as a response to the growth of the consulting business in both revenue and in services offered.

The talent pool from within the four walls of the house includes Jeff with over twenty-five years of programming experience, Daniel with music production training from Berklee College of Music, Rebecca who is an aspiring artist and photographer and Benjamin who has begun creating 3D models for a game company. Rebecca has designed this and many other websites including commercial projects.

This website also serves as a proving grounds for various web technologies. In it’s current state it is actually run on the wordpress engine although it is not a blog.