CrossOver 17.0

If you have a Mac and are running High Sierra don’t waste your time.

I got a discounted version from and it’s a good thing. I pretty much let the wind take the $20 I spent on this. They released 17.0 with major flaws and they make you pay for upgrades to get the fix. Uhhh no thanks. Google quickly led me to the “How to remove CrossOver” instructions. I bought this a long time ago, like maybe more than ten years ago and it still has the same problems it had then. It only works with the limited apps that they have listed in their supported set. These supported apps have installers cooked right into CrossOver.

So here’s my experience with 17.0

  1. It hangs my Mac within two hours of launching. I had to quickly change the setup to not load on startup as it was locking up my Mac within 10 minutes.
  2. It slows the Mac down (before hanging). “Menu Helper” was using 186% CPU. My Mac has 8 cores so this means 100% of one core plus 86% of another.
  3. It initially ran SBClient (ERP user interface) but then would not load it
  4. It did not finish installing the “Zyto Compass” program
  5. It did not finish installing “Circuit Studio” by Altium

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