Remote Help

If you need me to see your computer screen here are the instructions to send your screen to me.

Download and install VNC on your computer. You can find a copy here. Install it accepting all the defaults. Near the end it will show you a dialog where you can set a password to access your screen. You’ll want to choose a good password that you’ll remember. †

Find the VNC icon on your desktop.

Click the icon with the right mouse button and choose “Add new client”

Type in one of the following.

If I’m at home (evenings and weekends) type in or copy/paste into the dialog box

If I’m at work (weekdays ~7-4:30) type in



Then click “OK” with the left mouse button.

You’ll know it’s connected when the icon goes black.

If it goes white the connection has been closed.

† You’ll want to make sure your windows firewall is on. This is usually on by default and if you have DSL or Cable your router will also protect you from unwanted attempts to connect.