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This program is a java program written just for Young Living business builders. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to seek “Wellness, Purpose and Abundance” as a Young Living Essential Oils independent distributor and business builder. It will also provide you with some tools to help you see where your team is headed.



The links below will allow you to view a brief tutorial designed to help you get started. Each video is about 2 minutes, so it will take about 15 minutes to watch them all.


This tutorial show you how to start the program and import your data.
http://youtu.be/LyxYCLJ6KrA or http://preview.tinyurl.com/YLTVIntroduction

Customize View:
http://youtu.be/e7fvvFwI3fI or 

Sort Column VIew
http://youtu.be/xg4IAsDbsQ4 or 

Copy Email Addresses:

http://youtu.be/qNBBx_Zbg6o or http://tinyurl.com/YLTVCopyEmail

Sending Email

http://youtu.be/iXY4YKqCfQY or http://tinyurl.com/TLTVSendingEmail


http://youtu.be/–GNLKJeI5o or http://tinyurl.com/YLTVCharts

Mapping your team

http://youtu.be/n_eFFurClhE or http://tinyurl.com/YLTVImportingMapLocations


System requirements

Any PC.
Java 1.7 or higher
Downline report text file from Young Living. To receive this file send an email to downlinereports@youngliving.com. Be sure to include your customer number in the email.


Steps to begin using YLTeamViewer

  1. Download YlTeamViewer.jar from the facebook page.
  2. Send data request to Young Living. These are not free but it is a really small charge. It is recommended that you get at least three months data to make the trend charts useful.
  3. Import data
    The file you receive in  response to your email to Young Living will need to be saved and then imported from the File menu.
  4. Your organization information will be displayed once the data has been imported.
  5. You can selectively hide columns from your view. These are done on the settings tab described later in this document.
  6. If you have one leg that dwarfs the others you can “hide” it by right clicking it. This toggles it on and off. The name will be grayed out with it is hidden.

Main Viewer

The main screen

To import the data you can either select “Import Folder” or “Import Data”
Import Data will import a single file. It will ask you to choose a file.
Import Folder will ask you to choose a folder and then it will read all the files that match the way these files are named. For example “Apr14 as of 05-21-14 for 1218232.yld.txt”. It will import them in the order of their “as of” date.



The main viewer and Hotspots tabs can be searched by selecting Edit->Find or pressing ctrl-f. This will open a new box where you can type in your search terms. Click Ok and only the rows that have that information will be shown. Whatever you type will be found even if it is within a larger work. For example searching for cat will show rows with cat in any word like scatter, abdication, glorification.

find box image

Trend data

In order to see the trend of your organization you’ll need to import new data on a regular basis. This can be done at any convenient schedule. The default view on the details screen is the trend graph for your organization. This can be viewed as a Line, Area (Screen 2), Bar and Stacked Bar chart by selecting View->Chart then Line, Bar, Stacked Bar or Area.
Trend line

Team trend

Team trend with super leg hidden.

Team trend with super leg hidden.

Team trend as a stacked bar chart

Leg information

Each leg in your organization can be viewed by selecting “Pie” from the View menu. The chart will be displayed that shows the organizational volume for each level one team member.

Pie chart showing volume distribution


This tab allows you to quickly see where possible missed opportunities exist. For example you may have a distributor that would be getting a commission check if they were signed up for essential rewards. This tab helps you find those people so you can help them not miss that opportunity.


Chart show people who may be missing opportunities


YlTeamViewer can send out group emails. To do this

  1. Select either
    1. A leg in the left sidebar of the Viewer tab, Promoted tab or Hotspots
    2. Rows within the table in the hotspots tab. If no rows are selected all emails are copied.
      You can select more than one row by using Control-left mouse click (Command-click on Apple).
      You can also several rows together by clicking one row then shift-click the last row you want.
  2. Select Edit->Copy Emails from the menu
  3. To use the communicator you’ll first need to make sure your email info is entered on the settings screen.
At this point you can paste the emails of all addresses in that leg into your favorite email program or you can compose and send a very basic email on the Communicator tab.



Copying email addresses from recent promoted tab


Communicator tab


 From this tab you can control which columns are visible on your main Viewer tab. There are probably way too many columns when you first open the program so feel free to uncheck as many columns as you think necessary to meet your needs. You can see my choices below.

  1. Max level – The deplth of the data read and kept in memory.
    1. This becomes important as your team grows. The data has to be loaded from disk every time the program is opened and it is saved in memory while the program is running. The loading process becomes slower and more memory is used as the number of people in your team grows.
    2. Limiting the maximum level does not effect your charts or totals it limits how far you can “drill down” into any of the teams within your teams. Since we want to focus our attention and support on our closest people I’ve chosen a level of 7.
  2. Email Address – The “from address” when you send out email
  3. Mail Server – examples
    1. Yahoo plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    2. Gmail smtp.googlemail.com
    3. GoDaddy smtpout.secureserver.net
  4. Account Name – usually your complete email address
  5. Password – the password for your mail at your mail provider
  6. Use TLS/SSL – this depends on your mail provider but most now require this.
  7. Use my own email program – Check this if you want to open your email program with the message in the communicator. If this is checked is will only need your email address filled in.Column names. These names are taken directly from the data file you get from Y/L corporate.
  1. custnum – Young Living customer number. Useful if you need to call customer service on behalf of a team member.
  2. level – The level in your organization. Those people that you sponsor are your level 1. People
  3. name – The registered business name.
  4. address1
  5. address2
  6. city
  7. state
  8. zip
  9. country
  10. phone
  11. type – R for retail, D for wholesale member (formerly distributor)
  12. sponsornum – The business name of the sponsor. For convenience this is translated from the number in the data.
  13. email
  14. datesignedup
  15. dateactivated
  16. monthssinceord – Months since last order
  17. pvmonth – the month that this data is for
  18. pv – Personal Volume
  19. commlevel – Achievement level for this period. Distributor, Star, Sr. Star, …
  20. rankid – The numeric equivalent of the commission level.
  21. autoship – This member is on Essential Rewards (Yes/No)
  22. risingstar – †
  23. enrollernum – Used for some bonuses and contests.
  24. datadate – The date this data was generated at Y/L corporate.
  25. pqp – †
  26. oqp – Organizational Group Volume
  27. gqp – †
  28. eqp – †
  29. pgv – Personal Group Volume. (outside qualifying legs)† = We don’t know what these are. In our team of 11,000+ people these values are all zero.


Settings page


Your team can be show on a map. After importing your data you can choose “Update locations” from the File menu. This utilizes a free service from Google so there is a limit on how fast we can get data and how many total records we can fetch in a day. The limit is 2500 per day and we must wait one second between each request. You’ll need to do this each time you import a new data file since this is not in the Young Living data. Each new member will show up as a yellow dot after updating is finished.

Team map


YlTeamViewer has online help so you can get the latest help.

If you have issues with the program or have a feature request please feel free to use the contact form to reach the author.

about screen image