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This is where I will share some of my ramblings on various technologies.

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    Jeff says:

    I just updated this website to a WordPress site. This is a nice, easy to learn, content management system. While it is geared to be a blog it can be used as a normal website.

    My hope is to start using this format for clients who need the ability to modify pages and change the look for their web presence.

    I just put Becka to task at creating a new template for this site so stay tuned for a new youthful look.

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    Jeff says:

    Well I’ve learned a lot in the last few hours.

    • How to not have a blog based home page
    • How to have a custom sidebar
    • How to add a working contact form
    • How to add a custom avatar
    • How to have a simple login form

    It looks like I can use wordpress to give clients an easy to use content managed website with a rapid design time. It also is a benefit that it can be re-themed so easily without changing the content.

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    Jeff says:

    Ubuntu 11.10 – don’t waste your time!

    The new unity 3d interface for ubuntu is simply a nightmare. It has completely removed the fine grained user control and opted for a more microsoft approach of assuming the developers know more than the users do. And Unity 3D locks up my X windows session every time (intel 945 graphics chip) so I rolled back to Unity 2D.

    Here’s how to do it. I’ve done this on a few ubuntu 11.10 computers that lock up or really bog down under Unity 3D.

    sudo sed -i 's/user-session=ubuntu/user-session=ubuntu-2d/g' /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    I have been using linux since 2000 and I’ve never seen this kind of lack of control. It used to be that everything on linux was defined by easily edited configuration files. Now we’re faced with gconf-editor which looks way too much like regedit. The gnome configurations are stored in a hierarchy of folders with XML documents.

    The sidebar icons are huge (minimum of 32×32 typically 64×64) and the dashboard icons (100×100) are large enough to see from 1/4 mile away. I feel like I’m using the Ubuntu Giant Print edition.

    If it wasn’t for the pain of wiping the disk and starting over again I’d switch back to Fedora / KDE. At the very least I think I’m done with upgrades. Perhaps it’s time to craft my own distro.

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    Jeff says:

    The giant starts to stumble because corporate politics have stifled innovation. Microsoft has tied it’s feet together with Windows and Outlook. These two programs will be as outdated as CPM in just a few years as the PC loses ground to mobile devices. The innovators have left the company.

    “Microsoft killed its Courier tablet project mainly because it strayed outside of the company’s two main businesses, Windows and Office, in a way that was perceived as a threat to those businesses. According to an in-depth report from CNet, it was Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates who steered Steve Ballmer towards nuking the project.”

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