Software Projects

Here are a few products that have been developed by GCTS.

AutoRELEASE is a patented blood bank inventory control system utilizing RFID. I designed the functional aspects of the system based on the ideas and input from a team of professionals all working together in a start-up company. I created the circuit design, micro-controller firmware and end-user application.

Activity Maker – iOS and Android
Activity Maker is a companion program for Tour de Force CRM. This tool allows the salesman to quickly record the details of his interactions with customers.


SimpleSale – a lightweight, easy to maintain point of sale application with income, top sellers and taxes collected reports. Supports multiple tax jurisdictions. Written in Java this free application is geared toward the non-profit.


ck screenshot buying club website

This Java / Tomcat website allows members to split cases when buying bulk from distributors. It works with UNFI, Alberts Organics, Azure Standard, Frontier Coop and other specialty channels. Since 2006 this website has served 12 buying clubs with over 200 combined members and a dollar volume of over $30,000 per month. With full accounting functions and automated data exchange this is a very convenient service.




QtClock is a transparent clock that was written in C++ and QtDesigner.




QtWeather is a transparent themed weather app written in C++ that uses the weatherbug web service.

Below is one of the coolest. This cockpit is connected to an I/O box with A/D, D/A, Digital in and out cards. GCTS designed the communication protocol, firmware,  module templates for the annunciators, controls, gauges and switches along with the plugins used by X-Plane. Based on this setup the cockpit below actually flies in X-Plane.

Other projects include

  • Garmin aircraft GPS firmware interface.
  • Java bridge component that connects a web-interface to a multi-value database.
  • A java based fantasy sports gambling site with full credit card processing.