Jeff Powell



I.T.Manager, 2004Present


Process Improvement has been the key driving force in many of the projects below. IPS has embraced a culture of Kaizen or continuous process improvement. A major part of this process improvement has been the development of tools that has allowed IPS to operate very lean. Each employee is allowed to spend more time on important customer service activities and freed from the more mundane data entry tasks.

Process Improvement Projects:

* Complete wireless warehouse picking system with realtime data validation. Errors in material codes resulted in documents being passed back to the warehouse for correction. Having real-time validation eliminated this waste of time, increased order fulfillment accuracy and reduced shipping lead time.
* Customer centric information portal. Retrieving material test reports used to be a premium service offered to special customers and they were required to search for each “heat” code individually. I created a web portal for customer that would allow them to get all the reports for their purchase orders. This win-win solution frees internal resources to address the more “value added” tasks and gives the customer access to more information at their convenience.
* Customer product labeling. I created a program to label each product with a customer specific label. This process used to require the picker to hand write all this information with a paint-pen. The lead time for fulfillment is reduced and the cost of labor per order is greatly reduced.
* Workflow tracking system. I created a complete system that tracks where each order is in the fulfillment process. This includes value added processes like saw, profiler and torch. This company had a history of “losing” a lot of paperwork. These orders would arrive late, incomplete or never arrive at all. This program has almost completely eliminated lost paperwork.
* Load reports. I created a printout that is used to reduced errors while loading delivery trucks. The drivers can verify that they have the correct number of skids, bundles, boxes, etc. prior to departure to the customer site.
* Document imaging system. I managed the development of a complete electronic document imaging system with data exchange to our ERP system. This system allows anyone in the company to access all information regarding orders, purchase orders, invoices, etc. This system also drastically reduces the amount of manual filing labor hours.


Mulitvalued UniData business applications with Java, C/C++, Visual Basic and UniData Basic.
printing, stainless steel tag marker interfaces, automated document printing
Web services and java desktop clients
Imaging applications using jai, zxing barcode reader and iText pdf libraries.
Management reports and direct marketing e-mailings based on inventory


Migration of multiple servers to VMWare’s Virtual Infrastructure 3
IBM RS/6000 hardware upgrades and maintenance
ERP upgrades
Selection of out sourced development resources
Out-sourced programming projects
Created MITS hypercubes and flash screens for management.
Created and maintained Optio print forms. 


IBM UniObjects
Lotus Notes script and javaTwain scanning and image storage.
Linux scripting,
IBM AIX and Windows. 

Yonezawa, Japan

English Instructor, 2002-2004

Instructed Japanese students in English language skills.

Performed computer repair and network consulting.

Developed web sites using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and MySQL.

Yonezawa, Japan

Test Engineering Manager / Production Engineering, 2000-2002

Served as lead on factory improvement project.

Identified software options and created software systems to address production inefficiencies and increase productivity.

Contract Manufacturer production startup: Created test methodology, trained staff and introduced products into production at USA contract manufacturers.

Programmed test modules in DOS and Windows.

Used Linux/DOS production system to install end-user S/W on PCs. .

Designed and implemented DOS/Windows/Linux network for manufacturing automation.


Fife,WA, Sacramento, CA

Software and Test Engineering Manager, 1996-1999

Staffed, trained and managed the Manufacturing Software and Test Engineering group.

Designed product test processes, reduced diagnostic pitch time, increased test coverage, and worked within a team environment to implement a Factory Process Improvement project.

Managed AssembleToOrder paradigm shift in Manufacturing Test and Diagnostic Software.

Developed C++ test modules and tools including bootable test partitioning, ODBC, DAO and SQL database tools in Visual C++, C++ and Assembler.

Northboro, MA

Test Engineer, 1988-1996

Developed DOS and ROM based Manufacturing Test and Diagnostic Software in C, C++, and Assembler for NEC Desktop Computers.

Developed various engineering tools to streamline release process

Reduced test pitch timeand increased test coverage.


I am proud to have served my country with four years of service in the United States Air Force.  I was honorably discharged as a Sergeant (E-4).


Digital Equipment Corp. IBM, MITS, Optio and Prelude technical courses
Fred Pryor and Air Force Management Development seminars.
United States Air Force Technical School - Biloxi, MS
Acton Boxborough Regional High School – Acton Massachusetts
Music, Bicycling, Computers